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Sunburn Treatment Home Remedies

Sunburn Treatment Home Remedies:Whenever you go out, apply Sun block to protect your skin from the sun rays because it’s really tough to resist soaking up the first few days of summer sunshine. If you forget to apply sun block before going out so, you can end up with nasty sunburn on that time your effected area of your face gets hot or tender and your skin will be more sensitive owing to the reason of sun rays.

Sunburn Treatment HomeSunburn Treatment Home

For your stinging skin here are some very useable and true home sunburn remedies that can sooth your stinging skin. So, try this home suggestion for your skin to cool off .For easy remedies using simple kitchen items and things which are commonly found in your home.How to Help Out Dry Hands and Feet

Soak it up:

If you are feeling hotness in your skin for get immediate relief soak your sunburn areas with cold water but remember don’t use ice cold water or you may use cold compressors for 15 to 20 minutes. Then the cold will reduce the hot ness from your skin.

Take a bath:

Baking soda is too good for sunburn soothing remedy so, add a few heaping tablespoon of baking soda to cool your bath water. When you’ve emerged from the bath, resist the urge to towel off .instead air –dry and don’t wipe the baking soda off.

Another wonder relief for sunburn skin is oatmeal .add oatmeal to cool your bath water but avoid using of bath oils, salts or bubble bath. So, scoop quarter to 1 cup oatmeal is an ideal skin soother and mix in it and take a bath but don’t wipe the oatmeal off your skin.

Add some aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is best for your skin to reduce the sting or redness which out of sunburn .simply open one of the broad leaves and the juice of aloe Vera which is like a thick gel apply on your face five to six time per day for one month .you can easily find this plant in your local nursery.

Drink water:

Drinking a lot of water is as good for sunburn skin as the sun fried your skin it also dehydrated it. By drinking the plenty of water you well hydrate will aid burn heal better? You can know about your hydrate when you see that your urine runs clear.


As the skin surface dry by the sun rays and it causes cells and blood vessels to leak. While taking cool baths and compresses can make you feel better but if end up your bath with robbing of moisture from your injured skin .so, to protect from dryness apply the moisturizer immediately after your soak. Before using the moisture put it in refrigenetor and chills it for cooling relief of pain and dryness.

Pat down with potatoes:

Potatoes are also wonder full pain reliever. Take two old washed potatoes and cut them in small pieces and place them in food processor and blend them well until it become liquid form like water if it is thick so, you may add some water in it. Apply on your burned areas and leave it until the potatoes dry then take a cool shower. Apply it on your body several times a day and continue it for few days until your Pain is relieved.

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