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Super-Food For Dry Skin

Super-Food For Dry Skin-If you have dry and dull looking skin and you are tired of applying lots of lotions and petroleum jelly or Vaseline, then let’s see if you can solve this issue from inside out and for that we are sharing some simple list of food that are rich with healthy and moisturizing qualities that will make you healthy and moisturized inside out.

Super-Food For Dry Skin

First thing that you can do to deal with dry skin is water, drink lots of water and if you fell that you cannot drink that much water then you can add some flavor in it like mint, strawberries and salt and cumin seed, but drink more water then you usually do and avoid all kind of unhealthy drinks like sodas and ready to drink juices and if you think that you need something even better for better skin then nothing is better than green smoothies and yogurt and cumin seed smoothie for skin and now here are some food that you can eat to make your skin glow naturally and try to eat them but try to eat in good way, try to eat uncooked as much as you can cause fire literally kill all the good qualities of food.

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Spinach is very rich in vitamins and minerals and its magical antioxidants help fighting against all types of skin problems including dryness and aging eat baby spinach for best results.

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Almonds and almost all good nuts are very good to nourish the skin as they contain vitamin E which gives the skin a healthy glow and it make your system healthy and working properly so you can eat handful mix nuts whenever you want and you will love the result.

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Avocado is one fruit that is loaded with fats, you would not believe that it is better that fresh cream and it is loaded with vitamin E which helps the skin to replenish moisture and the natural fats help you get natural moisturizer too.

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Omega 3 is very important for healthy body and skin and you can get this from Flax seeds, salmon and walnuts and other healthy nuts and use fishes and other sea foods for beautiful skin.

Eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

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