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Take Good Care Of Your Face

The cheapest facelift on hand in your kitchen. That’s factual, just gain a few pounds and watch the year fall off your face Hollywood has already latched onto the new sensation with stars realizing at last that hardcore dieting was making their bodies look great; but their faces look prehistoric. As they lost fat their face, all the cracks and wrinkles were shown up in terrifying detail with no muscle tone to perk up their sagging features. Instead of looking lean and lovely, they were left looking lined and scrawny.

Friends star Courtenay Cox admitted recently; if I want my body to look the way I want, my face can look skinny. But if my face is full, I don’t like the way my lower body looks.

Once women hit their 30s, their bodies begin to lose some of the vital fats in their face that work as the foundation their face that work as the foundation of good looks.Foreheads, lips and cheeks become less fleshy, and a lot of the suppleness in the skin vanishes. When you lose weight in your 20s, the skin contracts, but in your 30s, it just sags.And also by the time you hit your 30s, many of the vices of the past come home to irk you.

Years of smoking can give you a thin, your lips. Sun damage will make skin dry, lined and blotchy. Even frequent frowning can leave you with a furrowed forehead.Normally in your 30s or 40s, nature will disguise most of the problems- but if you diet heavily and strip your face of its fat support, your worst features will be there fore the entire world to see.

Aussie ally McBeal star Portia de Rossi recently confessed she realized she looked terrible after hitting the slimming books too hard.

“I thought I was being the healthiest I could be. I ate all these great vegetables and fat- free proteins; she said.

‘Initially the weight dropped off and I thought; this is good, this is working. I can see muscle tone where I didn’t have any before.

‘But quite frankly, I went too far with it. I got to a stage where I just didn’t look good any more, so I put some weight back on.

Of course the grand dame of romantic novels, Barbara Cart land, had an easy solution for the conundrum

A thin woman will get wrinkles sooner than a fat one; she said once. ‘So the choice is shall I choose face or figure? My advice has always been; have a lovely face… and sit down’

Melbourne-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Simon Rosen Baum earns his living from trying to turn back the ageing clock with his scalpel. But the cheapest facelift you can get is to simply put on a few pounds; he says.

People carrying a little extra weight in their face do look better because the wrinkles are all plumped up and unseen.

As you get older, your face changes anyway. Fat layers on the face disappear. In fact on of our procedures is to replace that with fat taken from the hips and microscopically placed on the face. He warns that unless someone is obese or really overweight, losing more then three or four kilos simply exaggerates the natural process of ageing and makes it worse. When you diet , you are taking away a layer of fat he says. That fat is also a layer of support for the skin sags and the withering muscles underneath are exposed.



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