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Thanksgiving Day 2011

Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is the day to say thanks for the food collected at the end of the Harvest Season.In many countries of the world it is traditionally celebrated form many years and every year in the fourth Thursday Of November,it is associated with day so every year its date change and in the year 2011 this will be on 24 of  November.It precedes Black Friday on that day people start their Christmas shopping,they buy things in cheaper rates and get much discount on many items such as electronic things,toys and other home items.
How People Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
People traditionally celebrate this day with their friends and family and they get together for a special meal on this special day.On this day people share their joy and their owned things with others and say Thanks to God for every thing which they have in form of food.clothes,home and family.In united Sates Of America People along with their Government specially celebrate this day in such a way,there held special Thanksgiving Day Prades,in many cities and towns that depict the concern of people with this special occasion.

Foods Of Thanksgiving Day:People gather with their families to enjoy special food items to express their concern with nature and things given by God to his people.This special family meal include Vegetables and fresh fruits and many dishes made of different vegetables such as potatoes,cranberry sauces,pumpkin pie as well turkey is also in this meal.

Thanksgiving Day Gifts Season:Now a days people make this special day more interesting and friendly, by the exchange of different beautiful gift items to their friends and family members by which they show their love towards them and they receive many joy in the response of these gifts.

Importance Of Thanksgiving Day:This is the most important time for family to come together,and family get advantage of this special occasion




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