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The Best Foundation Makeup Secret

The Best Foundation Makeup SecretThere are many women who when do their makeup they don’t able to do this for long lasting at least for few hours, this is because of their improper application of foundation.Even those who apply very appalling eye shadows and blush on but their makeup life is very short just because of their of their little mistaken foundation application.So you if have such kind of problems then you will find the solutions of your problems right here.

Here we just give you basic tip for the application of the foundation that is the key for the best appearance of your makeup.

  • Always keep this point in your mind very clear that is the  skin preparation for makeup application. apply beat cleanser that specially make for your skin type and clean your face after cleansing your skin become very smooth for the application and proper stay of foundation on it.
  • Apply your liquid foundation first then you do your best to blend it in good manners so that you result with even skin all over your face.During blending you must focus your skin unevenness and any kind of marks on your skin, You apply a thin layer of powder compact powder on your skin with the help of brush this will make your base smooth and long lasting.

Trick For the Better Stay Of Foundation:Many professional use this trick to stay make up for  long time that is glazing .You wet your hands and press on the  applied foundation this will make your make long lasting.


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