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Three Days Beauty Plan For Eid

Three Days Beauty Plan For Eid Three Days Beauty Plan For Eid is right for you if in the whole month you can’t take care of your skin but now you want to have an impressive and pretty look on Eid Day then you are at right place here we bring a beauty plan for you just for three days.

First Day, What To Do:First see that you have the makeup for the look that you want to have. Look for the outfit that you want. It can be super cute  dress or  nice pants with a sophisticated shirt/top.And may be beautiful Shalwar Kameez that is chosen by you for your Eid That may be Eid Special Dresses For Women .After you put together an outfit find the perfect shoes. Now find the accessories. Make sure you are clean (i.e your hair, nails, body, face)

The Second Day:This is the day to clean and nourish your skin with moisturizer, make sure you protect your investment with a good moisturizer. It’s a must whether your skin’s dry or oily. Look for a moisturizer that is formulated for your complexion and is at least SPF 15, although SPF 30 is much better.Take special care around your eyes, where the skin is more delicate. Use a cream or gel that’s made just for this sensitive skin.

One Day Before Eid:Get a facial. A professional skin expert will be able to clean you up, clear you out, and also identify (and help troubleshoot) skin problems. So don’t just lie there — speak up, ask questions, and find out what you should add to (or skip) in your beauty routine, what kind of ingredients you should be looking for to suit your skin type and what are not for you.
Keep your glow going with a daily head-to-toe lotion rubdown.  Make a habit of hand cream. Even if your hands aren’t dryness prone, a little deluxe treatment for your digits can’t hurt. Tuck a tube of it in your purse.In this day you can also get a manicure either at home or at a salon and play up your nails using fun colors.

Finally What To Do:Just after completing your beauty plan here is need to apply most important thing for Eid yes i am talking about Eid Mehndi Designs this will give your preparation final look.

Hope you will appreciate my this effort to bring some suggestions for you,keep in touch with CarenStyle for your care and style.

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