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Three Winged Eyeliner Effect

Three Winged Eyeliner EffectWinged eyeliner look is one of the most classic and fashionable eye makeup styles that never go out of trend. It gives your eyes a mystifying and mysterious look. There are several variations of winged eyeliner styles and the latest of them is “Triple Winged Eyeliner Effect.” Here is given an easy tutorial to create the effect perfectly!

After priming the lids, draw a winged line across the upper lash line with the help of your black gel eyeliner.

Using the same liner, create a wing along the lower lash line too. Since you’re creating the winged effect, liner should be worked from the outer corner all the way up to the inner one. Additionally, the line should be kept thicker at the outer edge and make it thin gradually as you move towards the inner edge.

Use the liner brush applicator to fill in both the lines afterwards.

Now take your preferred eyeshadow shade and apply it in the inner 2/3 portion of the top eyelid. I have used Inglot amc eyeshadow 51.

Next up, glide some white eyeshadow all across the lower lash line (nearby the black line). This will make your eyes appear bigger besides offering enough contrast to bring out the depth of the black line.

Finally, get a little amount of Vaseline onto the eyeshadow brush, mix it up with brown shadow and run it on the rest one/third part of the top eyelid as well as along the winged line. You’re done!

Extra tip:
If you’re using any shade other than Inglot amc eyeshadow then instead of brown, make use of a shade that contrast your shadow that you’ve used onto the first 2/3 part of the upper lid.

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