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Tips For Summer Makeup

Tips For Summer Makeup1Life is not possible without sun, but there are so many issues that are badly attached with the harsh rays of sun and there are many other skin and body issues are attached to this and there are lots of things that cosmetic and skin care companies make to get some kind of protection from these rays and they keep working to get the better and the best and I am hoping that sooner we would be able to get a perfect skin care product to fight with sun rays properly, but that is not what we are going to talk about today, I am going to give you some brilliant summer make up tricks to look classy in that burning season too;
Here are some make up tips that you can try to look classy in this summer:)
Always start with Primer, I know that season is a bit hot and irritating, but this is the only thing that will keep your makeup on the place, it will keep your skin even and smooth and will give you the impression of perfect skin and it is a very brilliant product that you can use as a base for whatever you are putting on afterwards, but you need to make sure that you are using a pea-sized amount of primer and blend it properly with your skin perfectly.Tips For Summer Makeup5
If the season is sharp then you should pick Lighter makeup for day time, you need to keep an eye on the shad of your cloth too, never use too much dark color, bright shades and too much messy patrons and you need to keep the makeup light and subtle, I am not against of using beautiful shades of red or blues, but don’t use red or orange, it will look a bit uncomfortable, don’t load too much makeup on your skin as it will not only make your skin suffer and damage with the weather, but it will make you look odd and dull and unpleasant.Tips For Summer Makeup3
Mineral Bronzer are very good and very productive, I always say that this is one thing that can make you look beautiful without anything else, if you have a perfect bronzer then you don’t need to buy blush on, eye shadow, highlighter and you don’t need to use base if you don’t have too many skin scares or marks you just need to use bronzer to give your skin the perfect sun-kissed look and for that you just need to keep an eye on the application and the quantity and you will be absolutely fine.Tips For Summer Makeup6
Eye makeup, I personally don’t like to add too much eye makeup in summer, but if you really have to apply eye makeup then you need to keep it simple and short, don’t use too many shades and don’t use too much blending, it will make your eyes look complicated and irritating,Tips For Summer Makeup2
I would say that you should take one shade, better is to pick a shade similar to your own skin tone and then apply it all over your eye lid and then finish the look with mascara and some eyeliner, but keep an eye on the grooming of your eyebrows.
Best of luck:

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