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Tips To Apply Bridal Make Up

Bridal makeupWeddings are very special and very important day of every human being and if you are planning to get ready at home and if you are the bride maid or maid of honor and you think that you would give her the make up at home then you need to know few things and you need some practice too and for best looking and flawless bridal make up we are sharing some simple tips for you and I am hoping that I cove each and everything, but still if you have any question then let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.Make Up Tips For Newly Wed Brides

Here are some tips to make your day perfect for you.

Don’t Use SPF foundations: – As we all know that sunscreen has become the most important and the most essential thing to get beautiful skin nowadays when sun damage our skin and body very harshly, but have you ever notice that it make your skin look a bit pale an dull lifeless, and the reason of that is the main ingredient of   such foundation called Titanium Dioxide which react very strangely against the flash light and make you look pale and dull, so try not to apply such kind of foundation or concealer and if you really have to then use sunscreen with moisturizer and then use the simple foundation on your skin which will keep your skin safe and will keep you look beautiful  at the same time.Effective Asian Bridal Makeup Tips

When you don’t with your foundation or concealer and your base then start with eyes, this is one thing that will not only safe your lots of time, but if you will don’t with your eyes then it will kind of give you a lien to follow to get the best looks possible, and if you would enhance then eyes the most then you don’t need to pay too much attention to your cheeks of your lips, which means it would make your worm easier and smoother.

If now we will go for cheeks and the contouring, you need to see your face with the eye of a camera, you need to add dark shade on all of those areas which a camera going to enhance the most, I am talking about the cheeks, your jaw line, chine and your forehead, if you are using a jhumar and tika then you need to apply some brownish or some darker shade on your forehead too you cannot only make your face thinner with that but you can manage the falls too, you need to understand one thing, no matter how small and thin face you have, camera will make you look fat and big and if you don’t want to look fat on your wedding album then make sure to contour your face, if you are not sure about the shade then mineral bronzer is something that you always can use to contour your face and enhance the cheeks.

Next thing that you need to do is your lips, with beautiful eye makeup I always say that one should go easy on the lips, but you are bridal so you cannot go with light or nude lip shade, so use lip gloss, then lop liner and shape your lips and then lipstick and use lipstick bounder to keep your lipstick at place.

Best of luck.

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