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Tips To Get Long Eyelashes

Tips To Get Long Eyelashes2We all would agree that long eyelashes not only make your eyes look bigger and prominent but they add a dramatic touch in your looks too, I love when princess of animated movies, move their loooong lashes and the way the blink then romantically, ah we all love it for sure and that is the reason we all keep looking for some tips to get beautiful eyes and beautiful lashes and today I am going to shade some tips which I use to get beautiful long eyes and they always work for me.
Petroleum jelly or Vaseline: – have you ever tried oiling your scalp to get rid of all of your hair issues? Does it work? It always work we all know that, when you can get longer hair by moisturizing your hair follicle then why don’t you think doing the same with your lashes? Well we will use petroleum jelly or Vaseline over the rots of lashes for that, you just need to lie down in your bed and take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline and apply it all over your lashes and rub it a bit, don’t take too much cause it will make your eyes runny once it get in there, so be very careful and then cover your eyes with sleeping eye pads and go to sleep and you just need to make it your every day routine and you will see smooth shiny long lashes in a month, but keep doing that anyway to keep your lashes strong and smooth and it will prevent fine lines too.Tips To Get Long Eyelashes
Castor Oil: – Well that is something I use in emergency, like I have something really important in one week just start using Castor oil on the eyelashes and it work magically on my eyes 😉 It not only make eyelashes to grow thicker and longer, it make them look darker and shiner too which make my eyes look brighter and shiner and if you have noticed that then let me know, it clean off your eyes too, every morning you notice shiner and brighter eyes, you just need a old mascara wand and dip it in the castor oil and apply it on your eyelashes daily before going to bed and was it off thoroughly next morning and you will love the growth of your lashes.Tips To Get Long Eyelashes3
Eyelid Massage: – Eyelid massage is a very good way to get longer lashes, we will just was Wash eyelashes everyday with plain water and then massage them along the eyelashes and lash line with fingertips, you don’t need to add any cream or oil for that and you will see that it will not only help your eyelashes to grow longer, but it will help you get smoother lids too.Tips To Get Long Eyelashes1

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