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Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look

Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look7I don’t have a photogenic face at all, but you know what? I know few tricks that not only make me look perfect in real life, but they make me perfect in my photos too, and today I am sharing these tricks with you.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look1
Always apply makeup in natural light and if you are getting ready at night time then use something with white lights and you can get day light bulbs too, try these in your dressing room and you will love the results, cause indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your make up and can fool you with the finish too, cause some lights wash you out and that make you feel that you need to add more makeup and that look pretty lame in lights, so try perfect lights to get perfect looks.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look2
Blend in under eye concealer if you want to look normal in your pictures instead vampire, lighter or darker, we all have to cover our dark circles under our eyes with a little concealer and we use so many finish and so many shades, and sometime we feel that we have blended it perfectly, but occasionally we see a different patch under the eyes and if you don’t want then you need to blend out the concealer extremely well, and always use the creamy one to avoid the fine lines under your eyes.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look3
Avoid Shadows: – I know that we all love shading our face and we all love to get that look too, but when you are expecting too much lime light then avoid such kind of shadows on your face cause it will enhance the bad features of your face and it will enhance the dark circle automatically, and learn with practice and self clicking the best side of your face, learn which pose suite you and which make you look odd and find your lights too.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look6
Use yellow tinted powder if you really have to, normally I don’t like to use it in too much light, but if you really have to get it then use Yellow tinted powder as it will act better then shimmery or translucent powders for pictures, and it will not reflect light at all.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look4
Lipstick is very important; never forget your lipstick when you are very much in lime light, and if you have beautiful smile then pick a bold lip or something nude and blend it with something cute shade on your cheeks and don’t forget your lip-liner to define your lips.Tips To Get Picture-Perfect Look5
Best of luck:

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