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Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly

Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly0Looking trendy means looking according to the contemporary trends and carry that look perfectly and looking stylish means looking good and carrying good whatever you wear and whatever make you feel comfortable, stylish is something that make you look beautiful and fascinating no matter if it is according to the fashion or not and today I am going to give you some simple tips to look beautiful and stylish effortlessly ;
The first and the foremost step to look stylish and comfortable is to know your body and the type of your body, if you wear things that compliment your body then you will look beautiful and stylish automatically, you need to know what is good points of your body and what are the bad points of your body, know the shape of your body and dress accordingly and that simple trick not only make your look beautiful and comfortable,Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly4

but it will make your look stylish too, for example if you have very narrow waist and very wide hips then skinny jeans will not suit you at all, but normal regular jeans will and if you use frill skirt or a dress that show off your narrow waist and cover up your hips will make you look so cute and so stylish , pick something with flare at the bottom to balance out your look.Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly3
Buy expansive versatile and timeless pieces, and if you want to buy something trendy stuff then pick something cheaper or keep an idea in your mind to re use it with something else too, cause tread will go off the scene very soon, you need to keep a backup plan for that dress, keep a white and a black skirt, long and short, own a little black dress, a wrap dress, well cut denims, a classic pair of black pants and some classy shirts and blouse to use with these.Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly1
If you want to look natural then pick something natural, pick something that not only make you look beautiful and timeless, but go with the trendy look too and for that you can use dresses that look good on you and then add some accessories that are trendy accordingly and add some makeup that make you look timeless.Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly2
We are looking for a effortless look then you need to pick some very smart accessories which will help you look cute in very subtle way, but the issue is if you add too many things then it will show that you have been sitting in front of mirror for ages, that is exactly what we don’t want people to think, I would say pick a very cute wrist watch, some beautiful neck pieces that you change time to time, few rings that you use with your looks so you might be changing your hair accessories, your bags, shoes to create the look;)Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly10Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly9 Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly8 Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly6 Tips To Look Stylish Effortlessly5

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