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Top 10 Colors For Blue Eyes Makeup

They are so many tips out there on how to make your blue eyes stand out and I can say if you have blue eyes then you would have your own favorite shades for your blue eyes too, but here are some shads that I personally feel look magically with blue eyes.Best Eye Shadow Colors For Blue Eyes1

Orange Shadow: – orange is the exact opposite shade for blue eyes, cause blue is a cool shade and it make you look soothing too, but orange shade make your look prefect since orange is a kind of warm shad and it look pretty good with natural shades.

Bronze: – Bronze is also a very warm shad and it look good with your blue eye tone, look at this one, you apply copper bronze all over the lid and blend and then take smooth browns maroon brick shade and apply on the outer corner of your eyes and it will give a beautiful outline to your eyes.

Pink Shades: – Pink is very cuter look, but I am not saying that you cannot create a sensuous look with that, if you pick a bright shiny pink shade then it look pretty sexy with your blue eyes, and you can create a pink and black smoky eyes too…
Neutral White & Brown: – Well this is a cuter combination for your day to day life and for that you just need to give a light brown shade base to your look and apply frosty white shade on 1/3 of your lid and it will look pretty bright and beautiful  look for your blue eyes.

Dark Green Smokey Eyes: – if you have green blue eyes then any shade of green is great for your eyes and if you use precook shades of green and blue to create a smoky look then it will pop your eyes up too, it is nice to use shiny shades, but try powdered form, and it will look pretty nice.

Metallic Tones: – if you are looking for something supper hot and super sensuous then metallic is your shade, pick couple of shads of metallic and apply smoky look and you will be able to get the hottest and the most sensuous look for your blue eyes.

Grey Smokey Eyes: – Well gray is a kind of your own shade, it will just enhance and highlight your own shades, if you like steel shads or plain gray shades, they both look perfect for your blue eyes, and if you want to make your eyes more bright then put some lighter shades on your tear duct and you will love the impact.

Black Shadow: – it sounds pretty harsh, but it really not, use plain black shade and blend it with light gray shades and line the rim of your eyes with plain black Kajal or eye liner and it will enhance the glow of your blue eyes.

Green Tones: – if you don’t like bright shiny green shades then you can try some different shades of green powders shade and it will give a cuter and bright look to your eyes.

Dark Blue: – Last but not least, blue is the ultimate shade for your blue eyes take frosty blue for inner corner and bright sharp blue for outer corner and blend well and apply blue liner under your lower lash line and you will see how cute it will make your blue eyes.

Best of luck.

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