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Top 8 Weirdest High Heel Shoes

Designers like to play with the fashion and style to explore the new and unique ways to dress the personality of anyone. Well when they start play with the style and designs the new fashion stuff is started to be designed. Most of the time the designers developed the fashion stuff which is being liked by the people a lot and they like to wear it frequently while having an appearance on the party or function or any other ceremony but some time the designers launched a stuff which look quite unique and different in styled nature but it looks quite weird to get them on while for making personality more style. Here you are some provided with the totally unique and different kind of shoes for women which has been launched by some of the famous fashion designers.

Here is the Top 8 Weirdest High Heel Shoes.

Designers often play with the concept of high heel shoes to fascinating results. Check out the weirdest high heel shoes by big designers, some still for sale. The Top 8 Weirdest High Heel Shoes collection is contained some of the shoes which have been worn by the famous celebrities of the fashion industry and Hollywood and it gains the attention of the people.

Julian Hakes Soleless Shoes
Marc Jacobs Inverted Heel Shoes
Dior Fertility Goddess Shoes
Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes
Jeffrey Campbell The Zoya Shoe
Chanel Gun Heels
Aminaka Wilmont Soleless Shoes
Aperlai Platform Sandals

These shoes are still in the market and some of the people have demand the designers to work on that kind of fashion and style as they like to wear that to become prominent in the party or function.

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