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Top Five Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

Top Five Foundation Mistakes to AvoidMakeup is one of the most commonly used beauty-enhancement tool used by the ladies. A rightly done makeup hides up any skin imperfections and thus works to enhance the innate beauty of a woman.
When it comes to makeup application, the importance of foundation can’t be overlooked. It can make you look like a diva if used properly or ruins your entire look otherwise. Here I am discussing a few foundation mistakes to avoid so as achieving a radiant look:

Don’t Test the Shade on Inner Side of Wrist

Following the old traditions, most of the women test the foundation shade on the inner side of their wrist. It is an erroneous approach! The right areas to test the foundation are your jaw-line, area underneath your eyes, plus your nose and around-nose area.

Don’t Skip Primer

Forgoing the primer application before putting on foundation is a loud no for perfect foundation application. Primer actually offers your foundation a sticky surface to adhere with and thus ensures you a smoother and evener coverage. Moreover, it also makes your foundation stay put for long.

Don’t Use Concealer and Foundation Altogether

As a beauty enthusiast I recommend my clients not to use concealer and foundation simultaneously. Use either of them instead. However, if you can’t go without using both the products, then make sure to apply the foundation first and follow it up with concealer. Blend the both thoroughly into each other to avoid cakey, streaky face.

Don’t Fail to Blend the Product Thoroughly

Remember, meticulous blending is the secret to a tailor-made makeup finish. And an even and smooth blending can only be attained through the right tools like foundation brush or a sponge. Emphasize the blending more on the jaw-line, upper-lip area, around-eye areas, nostrils and the hairline to achieve a perfect foundation look.

Don’t Fail to Set the Product Finally

Setting the foundation product at the end is as important as priming and moisturizing are. Try sealing the foundation in place by dusting a little translucent powder allover. The powder will absorb any excess oil and thus create a matte, more natural finish. In addition, it will keep your makeup from sliding off.

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