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Treat Dark Elbow & Knees

Treat Dark Elbow & KneesToday we are sharing some simple and ancient tips with you guys to treat your dark body parts and joints and they will work for sure cause we got them from old wives and we all know that they knew the best and they use to use home remedies to get and treat beauty and skin issues and here are some simple and some marvelous tips for you that will make your skin look beautiful and fairer in not time, well you got to give it few weeks.

Here are some simple tips for you.

Rub a mixture of lime juice and some aloe vera over your dark skin and let it get dry over there for 10-20 minutes and then take a wet worm cotton towel and rub over there and you will see dead skin coming out, but don’t be too harsh and don’t injure the upper layer of your skin and then apply some lotion to keep it moisturized.

Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with lime juice and apply that mixture on your joints, but don’t use this mixture on sensitive and delicate skin areas and wash it off in the morning with any soap or rub with hot towel to get rid of dead skin and cells.

Add one table spoon of salt and one table spoon of mustard oil in your hot bath tub and just when you get in add three tablespoon of corn flour and soak your body in it and then scrub your body with oatmeal and yogurt mixture and if you have time then sit with that mask too.

Roast an onion and make a paste of this onion and plain water and then apply that over your dark skin for 20 minutes and then wash with running water and apply olive oil on your skin.

Make a mixture of Vinegar and yogurt and massage on your complicated areas for 20 minutes and the rub with hot towel and then wash with ruining water. Use a mixture of honey, lime and fresh cream in nights and then wash it off and apply a mixture of lime glycerin and rosewater on your body and go to sleep.

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