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Treat Your Yellow Teeth

Treat Your Yellow TeethIf you think that the natural color of our teeth is white or pearly white then you are wrong, they are light yellow to light yellow-red, but with the passage of time they start getting a bit more yellow and bit more dull and they get food color and stains so here are some simple ways to prevent yellow teeth,
To prevent staining, you should start using straw to drink colored beverages such as coffee, soda, and tea and that is the best way to protect your teeth to get stained and minimize yellow smile.

Chase wine or coffee with whitening foods, you should drink lots of healthy and good drinks to get the best smile possible.

Eat healthy Crunchy foods, including apples, celery, and carrots, they work as toothbrushes and keep and make your teeth look prettier and sparkling, they help you to scrub away stubborn stains over time and if you have a habit of eating good food with full intensity then that will help your teeth too.

Lipstick can make your teeth appear brighter and shiner so try to pick nice and beautiful shades for your lips and that will help your yellow teeth too. Brushing with a paste made of baking soda and water a few times a month and that will help your teeth too and if you thick that you can bear the bitter taste of soda then you can use soda directly from bottle too.

Three times a week use a mixture of black paper and white salt to brush your teeth, but be very gentle and very polite; your gums are 70% sensitive then your eyes.

Use a pinch on alum powder in your mouth wash, and let it get dissolve for 15 minutes and then use it to wash your teeth and that will not only kill all the bad breath germs, but it will make your teeth bright and beautiful too, just taste is too bad to bear, but you just need to brush your teeth, don’t ever drink that.

Keep changing your tooth paste after every third month or it will start damaging your teeth rather making it beautiful and white.
Drink milk!

Best of luck.

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