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Treatment Dark Circles Under Eyes

Treatment Dark Circles Under EyesThere are many reasons for the dark circle around your beautiful eyes that really effect your appearance.We mention few of them and presenting very very effective treatment for the removal of dark circles.

First Big Reason For Dark Circle is the lack of sleep that may be less then 8 hours so You should be careful about it and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in 24 hours this will help you a lot to cure your dark circles.

Poor Diet Or Unbalance Diet If you ignore your perfect diet that contain all essential elements, then this will be also the big reason for the dark circle and a balance diet is required to cure it.Fresh juices help a lot to light the darker areas.

Stress Is Another Reason For the dark circle and if you spend lot of time in front of computer and work a lot then you are also in the risk of having black bags or dark circles under your eyes.When ever you need to work a lot on computer then you should take some breaks and put used tea bags  on your eye lids, that will help your eyes to get relax and prevent more dark circles.

Exposure to the Sun can also cause of dark circle, Sunlight can increase the rate of pigmentation which give your skin a darker tone specially under your eyes.If you want to go out side under direct sunlight then it is very important to apply sunscreen on your face ,hands,neck and naked areas of your body.

Cool Cucumber gives your eyes a great freshness,just cut two slice of fresh cucumber and lay down close your eyes and put these two pieces on your eye lids and stay cool as cucumber for ten minutes then your eyes feel much better, more over this will help your under eye skin lighter from darker shade.

Now a days in the market there are many special formulated creams that really work on dark circles but you should choose that one which suite your skin.Take a good care of your self with delicate style,with the friendship with  carenstyle.

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