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Two Ways To Use Concealer as Foundation

Two Ways To Use Concealer as FoundationFoundation and Concealer are two of the must-haves in ladies’ makeup trousseau. Former works to create a seamless evened out complexion and disguise any minor imperfections whereas the later is meant specifically for the under-eye area, to hide up any flaws which foundation fails to conceal. As both products serve different purposes their formulation and coverage also differs from each other.

Foundation is available in variety of formulations offering different coverage. It may be powdery, liquid or crème providing and provide you sheer, low, medium or high coverage.

Concealers, on the other hand, are available just in liquid and cream formulas with different consistency and purposes. Heavy-coverage concealers are generally used to camouflage blemishes and spots while the sheer ones come in when you have to hide skin imperfections in under-eye area. No matter it’s sheer or heavier, concealer is always heavier than foundation.

Beauty experts usually advise you not to use concealer on entire face since down to its heavy consistency; it tends to give you a cakey, unnatural look. But if you still want to, follow these two ways to get it right:

Way I

This trick is good provided that your facial skin is problem-free on the most part.
If your overall skin is healthy but having minor spots and blemishes then you can forgo the foundation and use concealer in place of it. Starting off with a pre-cleansed face, apply concealer on the problem area and blend thoroughly to get streak-free finish. Set it with powder afterwards and you’re done.

Way II

This trick works when need more coverage than simply covering up blotches and spots.
After making your face free of any dirt and oil, apply heavy-coverage concealer onto the areas warranting more coverage. Thereafter blend in some sheer-coverage concealer allover the face. Set the concealer with a tad of powder at the end and that’s it!

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