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Ultimate Eye Care Tips

Ultimate Eye Care Tips2I like to have beautiful sparkling eyes and teeth, I love to have beautiful smile and I love to have eyes that similar to one that baby has, sparkling, shiny and bright, I like to see the white part of my eyes, but sometime I see people with red veins and blue marks in the white part, I don’t like it and since I work on pc all the time so I get scared to get such kind of lines in my eyes so I keep looking for things and tricks to get beautiful eyes and that is a set of two blogs that I am sharing with you and they both are just going to give you all the ultimate eye care tips to help you get desired eyes.Ultimate Eye Care Tips3
I have talked about that one have to look after one’s eye if that one need to have his eyes throughout the life, and we are going to talk about the different issues of eyes and then we will try to solve it up to some extends:)
Dark circles.
If you think that dark circles are fine and they are not something that you need to get worried for then you are wrong, horribly wrong cause that is something that not only telling that you are not talking care of your life, but it says you are not living a good life and your lifestyle need a change and they can actually make your eyes look ugly and fatigued and that is what you can do for it beside changing your lifestyle and getting a good medical checkups.Ultimate Eye Care Tips5
1- Tea Bags: – Take used and cooled teabags and places them over your closed eyes, but I am talking about the normally caffeinated tea bags, not those herbal teabags, because most aren’t as effective, and with the use of these small teabags if you don’t get any result then you probably need medical help.
2- Chilled Cotton Balls: – Next thing that you can use to get rid of these dark circles, take a cup of chilled water or you can use rose water too and then dip cotton balls in chilled water and keep for 5-10 minutes on your eyes.
3- Cucumber: – Cucumber always works for me no matter what, they are plain wonders and it is pretty easy to try, you just need to take cucumber from your refrigerator and then cut two slices of it and place over your eyes and rest for a while, it feel so cool and so relaxing I always keep one to try just before to get in bed it also helps to lighten dark circles very soon and effectively, you can use cucumber juice for that too.Ultimate Eye Care Tips4
4- Eye mask for beautiful eyes:- you need to take Tomato pulp, turmeric, and lime juice and gram flour and make a smooth and soft, but not too runny paste and apply that aver your eyes, you can cover all over your eyes and wash it off after 20 minutes and you will love the feelings for sure.

Sunken Eyes: –
Next thing that I am going to talk about is sunken eyes, basically there are only very few reason behind such kind of eyes, one is dehydrating and the other is an illusion cause when you have dark circles all around your eyes, it seems like you have Sunken eyes and if you have dehydration then I bet you would know what you suppose to do, you need to drink ample water and you need to keep drinking healthy amount of water throughout your day and apply healthy and natural moisturizer on your eyes and the skin around your eyes…
Keep reading for part two Ultimate Eye Care Tips.Ultimate Eye Care Tips

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