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Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Tips For Bridal Eye MakeupWhen you decide to get married in near future, it only show one thing, you have perfect skin and body and you don’t need time to work on it;) well! For those who don’t, tight your ballets and start working on your skin and on your body, try to get pro facial 4 times a week, clean your skin thoroughly every day, pay attention on your skin so much and that will keep you from applying too much foundation or concealer on your big day and will give you a healthy natural glow.smokey glitter bridal makeup

Now we will give you a beautiful glossy wedding eye makeup to enhance your brown makeup and we will start with applying the moisturizer all over the face including the eyes and then we will apply foundation or concealer and finish the base according to your requirement and then we will come straight to our eyes.Asian Bridal Makeup Looks

Since it is summer time and shimmer is all in so we will be doing a very cute shiny look for you:)and for that we will apply a supper good a gluey primer all over the lid and let it get absorbed in the skin for a while and mean while we will groom the well shaped eye brows, now we will take darker than your skin tone brown eye shadow and apply it all over your lid and blend it well, now take brownish pink or champing shade with glittery shimmery finish and apply over your lid and blend it well all over your lid and let it go over the crease too, and then apply over the tear duck on both sides too.Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Now take yellow gold shimmer shade and apply on the outer corner of your eyes and apply over entire outer corner and blend it well, and blend it well till 1/3 of outer corner of your lid, now we will take copper brown shimmer with small brush and draw a V with it and blend it in your crease too and then let it blend it on the outer corner of your eyes and apply a bit on lower lash line too, but not all the way, just a bit.

Now take black gel liner and apply a very thin line over your upper lash line and let it go on a bit out of the lid too, now just apply mascara and you are done.

Team up natural or any beautiful shade of pink would look great on your lips with that look and natural pink cheeks would look great.

Best of luck.

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