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What makes a woman beautiful?

What makes a woman beautifulI often thought about this thing What makes a woman beautiful?For the answer of this question I discuss this thing with my friend who is also a beauty expert,she gave me very satisfied answer of this question in the form of few golden rules of living that I must like to share with you.

She tell me theses few points which are following:

You must know what are you eating and what is eating you?Its mean some foods are that we like to eat but actually that unhealthy food eat and suck our energy and spoil our skin formation.Yes I am talking about Frozen food and most of us like to eat frozen food which we eat to save our time but actually we are saving only taking our body towards the sickness.

Fizzy Drinks are not good for our health and frequent use of these drinks can damage our excretory system this mean our strongest body organ that is kidney may be affected due to these drinks,in the result of which our outer body also tends towards ugliness.Please Love yourself and try to drink less these kind of drinks.

The other thing that can affect our skin and appearance is lack of complete sleep at night,due to our very wrong lifestyle we use to do our work at night and in the day time we want to sleep that is not enough for our health.Kindly love your skin and change your lifestyle for the sack of good and healthy life.

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