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When Is Black Friday 2011

When Is Black Friday 2011When Is Black Friday 2011 is the question which answer is very important for every one who want to buy things from a big sale. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in Most of the Western countries among which USA and UK are top lists countries, and it falls on the Friday after fourth Thursday in November 2011.So This year Black Friday is November 25th, 2011 and you must be prepare your self for this big shopping day.This is the beasiest-shopping day as many people are on holidays. Additionally, people are going to markets to start shopping for Christmas Season.
There is not a national Holiday but many organizations shut for the Thanksgiving and many of people take their annual depart on the day after Thanksgiving Thursday. It is very interesting to start Charisma’s shopping on Black Friday. Many stores propose special money off in electronics as well as special kids’ toys that are good for parents to buy for their kids in low prices.

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