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Winter Fall 2011/2012 Trends Of Dresses

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Winter Fall 2011/2012 Trends Of Dresses

Winter Fall  2011/2012 Trends Of Dresses Winter season is liked and loved by most of the people. Women are usually crazier about fashion and trends so here are some winter trends and ideas for women. Mannish shirts, suits, and hats are all popular in women. In this winter long shirts and long skirts are more popular.
Colors for 2011/2012:
Usually in winter we normally prefer black, brown, navy blue, cream and violet like reserved colors. These are the colors used in winter since ever, but in 2011/2012 crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue and some other bright colors are also popular amongst designers. Fuchsia pink, red, bottle green, beige, turquoise blue and sea green are also famous.
Fabrics for this winter:
There is a variety of fabrics that is popular this winter like brocades, silk, Cretan, crape and Georgette, but in this winter velvet ant net. Velvet with different self prints and fancy net with embroidery are on top.
Pleats and Frills:
As trends and style keeps changing and every year trends of fashion become new and modern. So, Pleats and frills are very much popular in this winter. Different designs of frills and pleats on the top of the shirts and frock or skirts look lovely and romantic.
Printed fabrics for this winter:
Zoological prints are on top this winter, like leopard and python. In this winter we also see lots of feathers and forestry like prints. Black, bright pink and purple prints are being popular.
Checks with Plain sleeves:
This year some designers like Sofia Lari has introduced checks with plain sleeves which seem to be very trendy.

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