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Women’s Skin Care

Women's Skin Care
Women's Skin Care

Women’s skin care:as you know there are thousands of anti aging products for women are available in markets like lotions, cleansers, scrubs,, exfoliates ,and moisturizer. you spend hundred of dollars on your face skin but you won’t get the good result so, here are some tips from our experts which will help you to make your skin gloomy and shiny.

Liquid cleansers or bar soaps for women:

For your face some bar soaps or cleansers are not good for your face because it contain those ingredients which may cause of irritation or dryness of your skin. but liquid cleansers are less harsh than the bar soaps .our experts prefer to use liquid cleansers because they contain ceramides,and lipids which aid to keep skin retain moisture ,

If you want to use only a bar soap so, don’t use those soaps which contain sodium laurel sulfate. Because it will dry your skin .the best choice for taking soaps is that only choose those soaps which contain glycerin or plant based oil.

If you have a oily skin and acne problems use a cleanser which contain salicylic acid this cleanser will remove the dead cells from your skin.

Anti-aging creams for women:

Look for creams which contain retinal propionate, or rational   which found in the skin as vitamin a

.to improves skin’s elastic or to smooth the texture try to take those creams which have peptides and strtuin.

For the selection n of anti aging creams choose those creams that have copper peptides and palmistry oligopeptide ingredients.

Moisturizers for women:

Women skin is exposed to air and pollutants which rub skin or moisture… Old fashioned women try to use that gel which is so cheap. It works by sealing in moisture but it’s greasy and heavy.

Moisture with emollients and humectants hydrate your skin without any greasy effect. Because humectants help to retain moisture and emollients help to soften and smooth your skin .if you use these two products together they will conceal the lines from your face especially around the eyes and on the neck. Most of the skin care products provide moisture or anti-aging benefits.

So, only choose those creams which contain glycerin and hylauronic acid, which plumps the skin temporal and conceal the lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliating scrub and lotions for women:

Which ingredients contain moisturizers and serums they work effectively, the use of exfoliate twice a week will help to slough off deed skin cells and allowing creams to penetrate. Exfoliate make your skin smoother and less blotchy too. Skin cleansers and exfoliates are gentle enough to be used every day. Very effective exfoliate is that which is full of glycolic acid, lactic acid salicylic acid, or malic acid

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