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Your Universal Eyeshadow Color

Your Universal Eyeshadow Color
Your Universal Eyeshadow Color

Your Universal Eyeshadow Color: There are many girls who get confused about their makeup color and eyeshadow,they even spend lot of time in choosing right eyeshadow that suits their eye color or their skin and dress color.There are many beauty expert when they do their own makeup they wisely use a single eye shadow that make a good match with every easy color as well as never lose its charm for every body.

This is really a big secret of make up that we are going to share with you for your ever charming look.So, what is this Universal color? what do you think? if your answer is golden skin color then you are at right point, this is the color which match with every eye color and never lose its charm for any season or any event.When ever you are in hurry you just need to apply a base coat for you eye make up then apply golden skin shade that is very close to your own eyelid color and blend it nicely on the whole eye lid so that give very natural look and then you can high light your shadow with glitter color that match with your dress or your party theme where you are going.Apply fine line of eyeliner to crease your eyes and then apply mascara for the wider look of your eyes.
When you are doing you Eye makeup keep these things in your mind:
1-Always use lighter shades of golden skin,even if your natural skin is in darker tone.
2-Blend your eyeshadow until it looks like your own eyelid color there should not any kind of imbalance in color blending.
3- If your eye are not bigger one then apply white eye pencil just below your lower lid upper to lower lash line this will give your eye a bigger look.
4- In case of Wide set eye you should apply a darker shade of brown near to your tear duct so that it will create a softer look of your eyes and give an impact of nearer.
5-For long lasting eye makeup use liquid eye base cream that is not sticky or greasy.
6-Always remove your eye makeup with high quality makeup remover and never let it on your eye after you come back to your home.
Hope we are able to convey some thing about Your Universal Eyeshadow Color and you will like it take care of your self with your best style.

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